the reality of working from home {11/100}

Here's what the Google says working from home with a toddler supposedly looks like.

Obviously I'm super grateful to have the flexibility to work from home once in a while, and normally I have the added benefit of childcare. But today it's more a rhythm of answer an email, hand out puffs, write a paragraph, prevent baby from climbing stairs, think one creative idea, respond to child tugging at knees, etc. It's all good, trust me. But I had to laugh at this societal concept of how moms (and women in general) are supposed to be perfectly dressed, smiling, fresh-faced, worker bees with little ones who sit calmly on laps WITHOUT TOUCHING THE KEYBOARD.

This is just, no. It's utter bullshit in my experience. And that's ok! 

P.S. I'm wearing an old-lady nightgown with my husband's hoodie over it, matching gray slippers, no makeup, baby snot on my leg. Also drinking warm iced coffee.

TGIF my friends & fellow warrior mamas.