{2017} february lessons

This year, I did a values exercise that led me to these five words: honesty, passion, growth, humor and solitude. I decided to set mini intentions every month, based on these values, and write about the experience.

Here's how February went. Hint: it did not... go that great? Ha.

HONESTY: Stop making an effort with friendships that have become a one-way street.

I wouldn't say I made a massive change over the past few weeks, but I definitely cut myself some slack. I'm used to being that friend who calls, texts, sends cards, aka remembers everything, and right now, I just don't have capacity. I'm not going to guilt-trip myself about that. I'm really trying to do my best, and cultivating friendships is not super high up on the list right now. I know it is only temporary, and I value my friends (mamas or not!) who completely, 100% get that and respect it.

PASSION: Go on two date nights.

True to form, we chose socializing and being with our baby over date nights. Whoops. We did, however, crash my sister's Valentine's dinner with her fiance—does that count? Kidding. We've got a concert and dinner on the books this week, so we almost hit 50% of this goal! 

GROWTH: Write 500 words a day for my novel.

Okay, so I wrote 1000 words on a lovely weekend morning. That was it. Also, in what world did I think I would be able to write 500 words A DAY this month? LOL.

HUMOR: Play with Ezra every day.

Check. I feel like I'm doing a good job on giving him attention and being sure to have fun together. His giggles are the best.

SOLITUDE: Meditate for one minute every day.

Ummm.... nope. I thought about meditating, if that counts? I read an article about Headspace, too. 

Even though I basically dropped the ball on ALL of these, I think the lesson here is that intention is okay. Fresh starts are okay. Starting over is okay. So here I am, going into another month, starting over.