5 Awkward Things About Blogging

I've been blogging for about a year and a half, and man, it's a strange world. Awesome! But strange. Here are the 5 most awkward things about transitioning from a non-blogger to someone who puts things on the internet.

  1. When you start to tell someone a funny story, and they cut you off to say "Yeah, I read that on your blog." And you're like, Oh. I forgot I wrote about that. Damn.
  2. When you rewrite a post 10 times to find the perfect balance of personal detail yet vagueness for protection.
  3. When a relative says, "You have a blog? Send me the articles and I'll read them." And you try to explain that it's one website... that essentially updates itself... so they just need to go the main site. And they look at you like, wut.
  4. When you Google a post idea and there are hundreds of blog posts about the exact same thing and you feel like you will never have a unique idea again.
  5. When you have blog friends, and you see them in person and get shy because you "know" them but you don't know them.

What about you -- if you're new to blogging, or have been doing it for a while, what's been challenging or awkward?