anatomy of a good day {3/100}

Anatomy of a good day: SUNSHINE, for starters.

After weeks of dreary rain, a blue sky and warm rays have made all the difference in my attitude, motivation and perspective.

Soul food in the sense of freshly baked bread topped by avocado, four eggs two ways, berries and cold brew. (#lamieforlife)

Creative work because nothing feels better than coming up with the right words for the right time, or a lightbulb of an idea, or checking items off a long list.

Conversation with dear friends, especially those who are on the verge of big life shifts like motherhood.

A clean house with laundry and dishes done.

Most of all, time and space to think and breathe and be quiet, save for the sounds of music in the background.

Days like this build energy for the hard moments, so savor the good, the simple, the small. It's okay to feel like super(wo)man once in a while. It is enough, and so are you.