{april} what I'm writing and reading

In April, here's what kept me busy:


I FINALLY switched to an accounting system a little more robust than me creating invoices in Google Docs. It took a little while to catch up but now it's great to just pop in there and see where I'm at with clients, what invoices are outstanding for projects held up in editorial and what has been paid. This will make life so, so, so much easier come tax time next year.

I also met with my friend Laura of XO-LP and we agreed to be more transparent about the creative process, particularly the mundane or unfinished or boring stuff. That conversation really refreshed me, so if you've been feeling like you're in a rut, I highly encourage you to reach out to someone you trust, who inspires you, and just talk about where you're at and where you're trying to go.

Additionally, I finished a couple stories with BuzzFeed to start doing some regular work with them (so exciting!!!) and signed a contributor contract with Forbes (another !!!) I had to decline work for another client I've been with for the past six months in order to make space for these opportunities, but it is absolutely worth it.

Outside of that, I wrote 20 freelance stories. Not all are published yet, as I'm usually working at least a month ahead in terms of editorial calendars for clients, but here are a few recent ones from March-April that I really liked:


  • I finally finished The Dazzling Heights, book two in The Thousandth Floor series. Obsessed with this YA series.
  • I'm still about halfway through Half of a Yellow Sun, so going to try to dive back in this week to read the rest. For me, this was one of those books where I wasn't invested enough to keep reading, and I kept reading other things instead of carrying on with it. I don't dislike the book (and I really admire Adichie as a writer) but I also don't love the plot.
  • This parenting mentality is something we practice, but I don't hear people talk much about.
  • On that same note, I've been mulling over this story about how to raise sons in 2018 for weeks. Here's an excellent quote from the writer, Will Leitch: "The lessening power of men (straight and white particularly) is an unquestioned societal good. When others rise, we must fall. It will be good not just in a moral sense, but a practical one. As a patriotic American who believes our country is a better place when all have an equal chance, and who believes it is time for the historical ledger to be balanced, this is what I want for the future. The only thing is: There are two little future white men who live in my house, and I love them very much." 
  • Making a list of what I'm going to read on vacation in a couple weeks, which includes about four books I've been meaning to read since Christmas, this newbie, and this magazine.