Blogtember: The Christmas Tree Outing

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive. Christmas Tree Trip

Of the millions of memories I'd like to relive, this one stays near the top of the list for pure comic value alone. Every fall, my family goes to this local orchard to pick juicy apples and round pumpkins to bring home. It smells like hay and apple cider and popcorn, and there are families and kids all around, and it's just got that awesome, down home vibe.

One year, we decided to go back to the orchard and cut down a Christmas tree, even though we've had a fake one for years and years. Mom viewed this outing as great potential for memory-making (no surprise there), but my sisters and I complained the entire way there, because 1) it seemed super ambitious and 2) a lot of work.

So we get there, and all of sudden it becomes the best, most hilarious day ever: Mom trying to snap pictures of us petting the reindeer, Dad breaking a sweat cutting down a tiny tree ("hard work getting that baby down!"), Daria becoming the pouting queen and having a total meltdown because the tree wasn't EXACTLY what she wanted, Olivia and I drinking Starbucks and just laughing, laughing, laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

We set out as a family that day to cut down a Christmas tree, so that we could decorate it with lights and baubles and handmade ornaments to celebrate the holiday season. I don't remember putting up the tree, decorating it or taking it down, but I remember this crisp fall day full of laughter, warmth and love. If I could relive it every fall, I would.