finding home wherever you are {17/100}

Home: that feeling manifests itself in so many ways and mediums.

Like writing a perfect line of prose. Eating a home-cooked family recipe crafted with intention. A song heard unexpectedly, bringing you face-to-face with someone you used to be. The arms of the person you love, enveloping you in a hug. A good cry. Your yoga mat. Driving down the lane to your parents house. The sound of laughter spilling out of your kitchen from women you trust and admire. Your baby's face. 

A touch, a look, a prayer, a brief moment of ahhhh. Here I am. I belong.

Finding a sense of home matters more than almost anything. It's not usually in things, but in ourselves, and by way of the relationships we have and the places we find ourselves and the ways we choose to evolve.

Home sweet home: wherever I roam, I'll always find you.