Friday Favorites

Every time Friday rolls around, I think... Finally. Not that I am wishing away my weeks, but the promise of the weekend just fills me with joy because it's usually when I get to see family or friends, completely relax, or get a bunch of stuff done. I'm a big fan of the blog trend for Fridays, wherein favorite links are shared. So here we go--the best or most interesting things I've read this week!

1. "I'm So Effing Tired of Coconut Oil"

Coconut Oil

The author of this piece is spot on. Coconut oil is EVERYWHERE, and I am constantly reading about its magic powers. This past week, I broke down and finally bought a jar in order to make a gluten-free birthday cake. And as I cooked, all I could think was, really? I'm supposed to use this as hair conditioner and face moisturizer and body lotion and cleaning and all of the things? Doubtful. But a lot comes in a jar, so, we'll see. Anyway, definitely had to laugh at this article because the trends on Pinterest, for example, are ridiculous sometimes.

2. "Why You Should Stop Touching Your Face"


I definitely touch my face too frequently throughout the day, and when I stop to think about all the other things I (and people in general) touch--money, counters, door handles, etc... Ew. Ew. I'm actually pretty good about cleaning my phone with bacteria wipes, but this piece was a good reminder to only touch my face with clean hands.

3. Interview with Chelsea Handler


Chelsea Handler is one of the funniest women in television and comedy today. Hands down. I've read a couple of her books, and while they did crack me up, I prefer watching her. Nobody can keep a straight face while making a scathing observation like Handler. This HelloGiggles interview showcases a softer side of Handler (if that's possible), as she speaks about opportunities for women and such, but it also reinforces what most people know (and admire) about her. She doesn't care if you think she's a bitch. She's gonna say what she wants to say, how she wants to say it, and you can take it or leave it. But she's also a fighter who values relationships and giving back to others, as well as someone who strives for her dreams.

4. "Detroit's Bankruptcy Could Spell Goodbye for Howdy Doody"


If you haven't heard yet, Detroit is flat broke and declared bankruptcy. It's not a major surprise, given the city's downward trend over the past years, but it does create bring up some major questions about the city's future. Whenever Detroit gets back on its feet, there will likely be a major push to bring more people there to work and live. Part of a city's appeal involves its cultural landscape. Imagine if Chicago sold all the work in the Art Institute in order to pay its bills. Right? That's crazy. Some will say that art is the least of Detroit's worries, which is totally true on one level, but at the same time, art serves as an asset to preserve culture and attract visitors, artists, residents, and more.

Alright, back to the weekend! My plans include napping, rearranging the living room, reading, practicing yoga, going tubing with friends, meeting a bestie for brunch and laying by the pool. Can't wait.