Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! The weather has finally cooled off a bit (to 70-80 degrees, so it's definitely still summer), and the week was full of fun activities with friends, including a free Everclear concert on a bridge. Random. I have so many excellent things to share, both fun and serious. Here we go:

1. "Florence Welch Drunkenly Hijacks a Cover Band's Show"

FlorenceWelchPlayingWithRussia3 (1)

Um, can you imagine hanging out at your favorite pub and then Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine decides to jump onstage just to have a bit of fun? She's so cool. Florence's voice has been a long time favorite of mine, mostly because it's insanely awesome with a massive range. Watching this reminds me to stay on the hunt for concert tickets to see her live someday. Also, that hair! That style! Again, she is so cool and talented.

2. The New Potato

The New Potato

If you're a foodie at ALL, go check out this food and lifestyle site. Tons of recipes, interviews with restaurateurs, city guides and much more.

3. "Malbec: A Deeply Rooted History."

Something I never knew: French vineyards were once almost totally destroyed because of a bug, but right before this happened, a Texan man imported vine cuttings and graphed them onto rootstock, which saved the French wine industry.

4. "How Naps Affect Your Brain and Why You Should Have One Every Day"


5. "How to Get J. Crew CEO Mickey Drexler On The Phone"

Interesting piece on how J. Crew's aesthetic has changed over the years, and how that affects an older demographic. I'm obsessed with the brand, but I can see this woman's argument that it's starting to veer quite young and hip as opposed to its traditional roots.

6. "It's Time for an End to 'Women's Stories'"

I hadn't thought about this before, but I too am a bit tired of the types of "women's stories" I've come across lately. As Anna North points out, so many are trend pieces that obscure more important tales. Definitely check out the additional links in the piece.

7. "Permanent Record"

As a UChicago alumni, I receive The Core: The College Magazine, which is usually full of great articles. Enjoy this one about Marilu Henner, who has HSAM: highly superior autobiographical memory. She claims she can remember every single day of her life since she was 12.

8. "The Blip"

Robert Gordon, a Northwestern economist known for his declinist views, makes two arguments. First, he believes that the economy will grow at half the rate it averaged since the 19th century; second, he argues that the second industrial revolution is an unrepeatable event. If both are true, Gordon wants to know what will happen to American progress. Yikes.

9. "Aubrey Plaza Mopes Through the Fake 'Daria' Movie Trailer"

Aubrey Plaza-Daria

Flashback to my childhood years! Daria Morgendorffer, the epitome of dark humor, sarcasm, angst and disinterest. I sincerely hope this becomes a movie. Also, Aubrey Plaza looks hilarious in The To-Do List.