Friday Favorites

Lots of great reads this week! 1. 7 Key Lessons from The $100 Startup


I first heard of Chris Guillebeau from my close friend's husband, and while I haven't read Guillebeau's work in full, I appreciate these lessons he's shared in this piece. The key ones for me: 1) figure out the link between your passion(s) and how they're valuable, 2) apply your skillset to multiple opportunities and 3) you need to work hard AND hustle verbally.

2. First Trailer for David Sedaris' C.O.G.


Can't. Wait. Sedaris is hilarious in general and the movie looks like a great interpretation of his Naked short story. Also, Troian Bellisario is in it and she is one of my girl crushes.

3. Fix Your Posture


"Stand up straight. Don't slouch." -- I have heard this approximately 43782391743 times from my mother over the years. She is right and yet I constantly forget. I always find myself slouching, particularly at work on the computer, and I know it's terrible for me. (Same with all those recent studies about moving around every 30 minutes because sitting all day is horrible for you.) Luckily, a clever little animation now exists to show you how to sit properly! Watch it and do it.

4. 8 Ways to Improve Your Communication Style


I basically want to send this to every person I know until they reply, "OKAY. I GET IT." #5: "Read and Respond to the Entire Email" is quite possibly my communication pet peeve of all time; I actually fist-pumped while reading it. All in all, excellent reminders for the workplace and in general to produce better conversations and interpersonal skills.

5. 40 Days of Dating


Saving the best for last, let me introduce you to an unusual project: Tim and Jessie, two good friends and incredible designers in New York City, decide to embark upon a 40-day experimental challenge to dig deeper into their relationship habits. So they start to date each other. My first thought: oh my god. Who would do this? This is crazy.

It is, and it isn't. First, the site is visually awesome and appealing; it is also user-friendly with individual sections for each day's recap. Jessie and Tim both write really well, which certainly helps add to the allure of the project, but what makes them stand out is that they offer up their personal reflections regarding where they're each at in the experiment. It's funny, serious, intimate and thoughtful regarding the cycles and patterns of typical relationships. The further they get in the experiment, the more their story becomes a narrative about how we choose partners and how we sustain relationships. Think about how often you've heard that two people need to have a solid friendship for a successful, long-term romantic relationship--so if that's true, why not look at your best friend (opposite or same sex, depending on your preference), and wonder if there's anything there? The difference here is that Jessie and Tim are actually trying out that concept.

I'm obsessed and check it every day, because it's better than any reality show. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I promise that you will get sucked into their story, so be sure to set aside an hour!