Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, all! 1. What's It Like to be a Food Critic at the NYT?

NYT Rest Critic

Remember the opening scene of My Best Friend's Wedding, where we learn that Julia Robert's character, Julianne, is a food critic? Man, I wanted her job. (I also just Googled the movie and realized Julianne is supposed to be 27. I'm 27. Are there really food critics at age 27??) Anyway, these five food critics from The New York Times share funny, thoughtful insights about what it's like to eat and write about food, as well as how the type of restaurants affects diner conversation (one star means you'll talk about everything except the food; four stars means you won't be able to talk about anything BUT the food in front of you), why criteria for ranking has changed over the years, overused adjectives ("yummy," "eatery," "slathered," "crispy") and foods they won't eat (cow brain, honey, sea urchin, canned asparagus and insects).

2. How to Get "Level Three Eyes"

Yet another example of why I read Glennon over at her blog, Momastery. In this post she writes about the three levels of looking at and thinking about other people. Level three folks know that "usually it's wiser and more gentle and more helpful to point out strengths and leave the weaknesses be." I love this.

3.  The "I Feel Like..." Tendency Among Women

Back view of two young female friends communicating while sitting by water fountain

How often do you start a sentence with "I feel like"? If you're a woman, it might be a regular habit. I know I use it way too much, usually subconsciously (similar to the other verbal tics mentioned in the piece). When I take a moment to say "I think" or "I want" or "I know" instead of "I feel like," I do sound more authoritative and assured. And based on my own personal observation, most men don't use the "feel like" phrase, at work or at home. So... why is it a thing among women? Is the author right in that it's an attempt to soften our opinions or seem less aggressive? Or is it not a big deal?

4. Caitlin Moran's Advice to her 13-Year-Old: "Resolve to Shine"


Caitlin Moran is a British TV critic and columnist who happens to be absolutely hilarious. I can't find the original column for this bit of advice toward her young daughter, but it cracked me up and touched my heart all the same. Best part:

“The main thing is just to try to be nice. You already are – so lovely I burst, darling – and so I want you to hang on to that and never let it go. Keep slowly turning it up, like a dimmer switch, whenever you can. Just resolve to shine, constantly and steadily, like a warm lamp in the corner, and people will want to move towards you in order to feel happy, and to read things more clearly. You will be bright and constant in a world of dark and flux, and this will save you the anxiety of other, ultimately less satisfying things like ‘being cool’, ‘being more successful than everyone else’ and ‘being very thin’."

5. Awesomely Creative Business Cards

chair business card

Tons of useful design tips here in general, and such cool, creative cards! The yoga teacher one and the mini chair one are my favorites, but the guitar pick one is pretty neat too.

6. Imagine a 1950's Miley

1950s Miley

Seems impossible, right? Watch this doo-wop cover of "We Can't Stop," and then imagine a beautiful world where Miley wears ModCloth instead of a flesh-colored bikini and sways instead of twerks.

7. Lord, oh Lorde


If you haven't yet listened to Lorde, go put it on repeat for the rest of your weekend and thank me later.