libraries, man {2/100}

Libraries, man.

Even though I love the convenience of e-readers and keep a million tabs open on my laptop for various articles, nothing beats the feel of a hardcover book in your hands.

Nothing replaces the sensation of thumbing thick white pages, carefully dog-earing corners when you're *technically* not supposed to just because you have to remember those words, that sentence, this storyline.

Nothing matches the experience of reading about people and times completely unlike your own or so similar it's scary.

Books are the best.

ALSO: I checked out Patients Come Second as well as The Age of Miracles. The process was so slick and I felt like a grandma exclaiming about the technology: "Wow! You just scan it and you're done!" S/O to my local library for being really great in general.

ALSO NO. 2: Did you know if you do have an e-reader, you can usually check out books electronically from your library? I forgot, but that's definitely going to be my new jam.