Life Lately

Confession: summer wears me out a little bit.

I like it, I really do, but I'm a fall/winter soul down deep and at a certain point (i.e., now), I'm over the heat and the constant trips and evening events and the heat and weekend plans and meetings and outdoor activities and the heat and okay I'll stop.

Obviously I will regret saying all of this when it is -7438297 below in about six months, buuuuut I'm ready to slow it all down and regroup.

I last wrote on this blog in May. My plans for this summer, at that time, included the following: drinking all the white wine outside, training for a half or full marathon, continuing to teach yoga, traveling to Utah and Florida and South Carolina and the Quad Cities and taking Stanley on all sorts of walks to the park and biking to local craft breweries and wearing cute maxi dresses and finishing wedding planning and planning a fundraiser for the Art Center and growing Pop Up Yoga DSM. And so on.

Well, the maxi dresses happened. And the travel/event planning happened. And the wedding will happen fo sho.

But something else also happened...

... we found out we were expecting a baby.


IKR (that means I know, right? in teen-lingo).

Which is pretty hilarious because back in May,  I wrote something like "when I tell the Universe what's up, she responds with a big HAHA JK and spins me around toward a new journey I didn't anticipate." I thought I was talking about starting a new community venture but it turns out that I was talking about my life in a much bigger way, and I just didn't know it yet.

Like, was I being a MIND READER?

So I spent much of this summer crying while watching Parenthood on the couch (I swear, that show pulls out all the stops to get your tear ducts flowing each episode; also, this activity description sounds miserable but it really wasn't), eating macaroni and cheese, dragging my ass to the studio, avoiding the stairs, sleeping and napping like it was my job (thank God for my actual J-O-B for being amazing during this time) and generally trying to ride the roller coaster wave of emotions each day. 

I didn't journal a ton. I didn't blog. I barely did laundry or dishes or cooked (kudos to my partner for picking up the slack with zero complaint). In all senses, I became a completely lazy member of society. 

It was kind of glorious.

But now I'm ready to jump back on the writing train and share a bit more about this new journey as well as all the stops along the way.