Blogtember: Only Photos

Wednesday, September 18: Only photos I wanted to do a "day in the life" set of photos, but then I remembered quickly that I'm not a photographer nor that kind of blogger. I don't think I could remember to take photos of things all day long! Instead, here are some recent photos from life lately . . .

20130923-081949.jpg Relay marathon in the Quad Cities with my sister and cousin

20130923-082002.jpg The spider I've allowed to continue creating his home over my basil

20130923-082015.jpg Littlest sister's Homecoming--it's so interesting to observe the current dress trends

20130923-082035.jpg A typical rushed lunch of eggs and toast at home, usually with a side of SATC

20130923-082049.jpg An afternoon pause in one of the hospital courtyards at work

20130923-082105.jpg Delicious homemade coffee cake from a coworker (apparently the secret ingredient is sour cream)


My usual desk mess of piles, organized by event, department or hospital campus

20130923-082144.jpg A much-needed early morning cappuccino at Zanzibar's


20130923-085535.jpg Day 1 of a social media "selfie" campaign for the Des Moines Art Center


20130923-085554.jpg Puppy-sat this sweet, sometimes ornery little face the other weekend

20130923-085605.jpg And the best for last, quality time and wedding fun with S, my closest friend for life