Product Review: NatureBox

Have you heard of NatureBox? NatureBox kitchen_optimized_01.1373331357

It seems like monthly boxes for anything--beauty, fashion, jewelry, food--are so popular these days, so I'm pretty picky about which ones seem like a good deal. But NatureBox is a monthly subscription service for delicious, wholesome snacks. Since I like to eat, I liked the concept immediately! I've tried it twice, and I really think it's worth checking out for most folks.

The pros: lots of unique snack options, good-sized bags for the price (at least comparable to cost/size at places like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods or organic sections of any store), delivered to your door AND you can start or stop membership at any time, which is pretty nice if you're just looking to switch up your snack game once in a while, like me. The cons: some of the snacks may not be what you actually want, since pre-selection requires signing up for the monthly subscription--again, you can cancel after one month but it's kind of annoying to mess with that. In terms of quantity, you'll receive 5-6 bags of different items; the savory stuff is usually around 5 ounces and the sweet stuff tends to be 4 ounces.

My most recent box included santa fe corn stix, cheddar pup pretzels, teriyaki twists, dried berries, blueberry almonds and cocoa waffle wafers.

NatureBox - Savory

Clockwise from top: cheddar pretzels, santa fe corn stix and teriyaki twists

Um, the santa fe corn stix tasted EXACTLY like Doritos, so if you're a Dorito fan who feels guilty about indulging, here's your healthified version. The cheddar pretzels were straightforwardly delicious and full of cheesy goodness; they were also large like the pretzel nubs you can buy in stores. I didn't care for the teriyaki twists, which sort of tasted like a soy rice cake and I decided I'd rather enjoy teriyaki flavor on things like... chicken. Or anything else really.

NatureBox - Sweet

Clockwise from top: blueberry almonds, dried berries, and cocoa waffle wafers

I eat almonds a lot, and get bored on them easily, so the blueberry flavoring put an unexpectedly yummy twists on a traditional standby snack. The dried blueberries, cherries and cranberries were delicious, and I immediately thought of using them for yogurt, granola or oatmeal. Plus, it always seems like dried cherries and blueberries are insanely expensive, so I rarely buy them, making this a nice indulgence. And as for the cocoa wafers, well... they were weird. Maybe eat them with ice cream as a garnish? I guess the upside is that a serving is 22 wafers, so... there's that.

All in all, definitely check out NatureBox if you like to try new things and want to switch up your snack options!

*Disclaimer: NatureBox has no idea who I am, so this obviously isn't a sponsored post, nor are these affiliate links that benefit me in any way. I don't anticipate doing a ton of product reviews on this blog in the future, but I do plan to share things I love from time to time.