Book No. 2: Self-Care for College Students

Fun news to share: I’m writing my second book, this time on the topic of self-care for college students. It’ll be published by Adams Media of Simon & Schuster again, and I am seriously thrilled they reached out to me to tackle this project, which is close to my heart.

I… didn’t even know the phrase “self-care” in college. I stayed up late and drank too much and obsessed over what other people thought of me and strived to impress and prioritized achievement and criticized myself in the mirror and ate too little and punished my body with exercise and pinched my tummy and always had to have a boyfriend and worried about money alllll the time.

But also: I double-majored in English and political science, participated in a leadership program that forced me to reckon with using my voice, and completed an honors program that rattled my sense of knowledge (in a good way). I held down a couple of part-time jobs while going to school full-time; I worked at a U.S. Attorney’s Office and the local mall and in the writing center on campus. I thought I’d go to law school, only to take the LSAT November of my senior year and suddenly realize I sort of hated all things law. I learned how to pivot. I loved research papers and created my own elective independent study course on memoir and journaling with the support of a beloved professor (shout-out to Ms. Lucy Boaden). I had a serious relationship that didn’t always feel like a good fit, but certainly looked as though it did. I made some of my very best friends. I studied abroad for three months in Rome, Paris and London, an experience that completely changed my life and broadened my scope. I volunteered. I worked really, really hard.

While self-care is all the rage now, and nuanced conversations are happening regarding how to do it and when to do it and who has the privilege to do it, it wasn’t part of my lexicon as a college student. I wish it had been, though. I wish I had had access to a list of little things or activities to help me better take care of my body, boost my brain, nourish my spiritual life, honor my heart and approach my personal and professional future. I wish, in college, I knew how important it was to practice self-care in general — that it didn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming or reserved for a special occasion. I wish that all college students going forward can use this book as a resource, to care for themselves throughout their education but also build a foundation of prioritizing their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Suffice it to say this new book is very exciting! It’ll be published in late spring/early summer, just in time for graduations, so stay tuned for more.


{Photo credit:    Lisa Congdon   }

{Photo credit: Lisa Congdon}