{summer 2017}

I remember thinking in May, "I don't have any plans this summer!" Yeah . . . false. Summer 2017 has been busy in the best way. Here's what I've been up to:

  • Writing 50+ freelance articles, including one about lunchtime workouts for SELF.com and BRIDES magazine (in print!)
  • Camping with a newly walking toddler (not recommended unless you prefer bumps, bruises, and that no sleep life)
  • LA to visit a dear friend, where we hit up Joshua Tree (more camping!), ate delicious food, and caught up. I also enjoyed AN ENTIRE DAY to myself, where I strolled through stops in Venice, leisurely sipped a latte while reading a book, laid on the beach and listened to music. SIMPLE PLEASURES, especially after becoming a mom.
  • Updated one of our bathrooms and stained our deck. (Let's be real, I supervised this work.)
  • Visited a nearby lake with a beach, where E loved the water but hated the sand. Which, ya know, isn't the easiest combo?
  • Watched Moana 4372843927 times. Still don't hate it.
  • Visited the Ozarks with family for several days of sunshine, boating, swimming and all the beers. Oh, and quality time, of course.
  • Went to NYC with my parents and little sister, where we met a cop on a horse in Central Park, tried 5 new coffee shops, indulged in sushi at Morimoto (swoon), saw 3 Broadway shows (Lion King - insanely magical costumes, Bandstand - super fun, and Chicago - classic), walked around Times Square in the rain, drank local beer in Staten Island, waved at the Statue of Liberty, walked around Little Italy and Chinatown on a food tour, and so much more. Epic trip; if you've never been, GO.
  • Buying a baby pool so we can sit with our feet in it with E and also drink a mojito at the same time.
  • Farmer's market strolls, complete with the usual smoothies and egg sandwiches and a million refrains of E saying "hi" "dog" and "uh oh."
  • Early morning coffee dates with my husband before work.
  • Marveling at our son's cute face because I'm obsessed with him.
  • Hanging out with our neighbors on Friday nights.
  • Sunday dinners with my sister and her husband that ultimately turn into Sunday Funday of some sort.
  • Visits from our parents on both sides.
  • Finally investing in a bike trailer so we can bike with E. The first ride involved multiple stops as he screamed bloody murder while wearing a helmet, so, it's going great.

The rest of the summer also includes a drive to Chicago to see some women I adore, a trip to Minneapolis to hang with our pals K+L, and the cherry on top: a week-long vacation to Charleston and Raleigh to meet my cousin's baby girl and my best friend's twin boys who are the same age as E, and hopefully see another friend who lives only a few hours away.

Theme of this summer? Brews, babies and besties. The best.