Weekend Edit

Lately I've been a little bored by the whole "list all your favorite links" weekly posting trend, even though I do love collecting favorite articles and Internet reads/finds. I stumbled upon this edit prompt a while back, and I think it will be fun to bring my own version into rotation. It feels very old-school, AIM, "fill out this survey" and I like it. making //  Farfalle with chicken, mushrooms and spinach. Zucchini-carrot muffins. Chocolate chip larabars. Green juices. Almond butter cookies.

drinking // Pinot Noir (anything in Abbe's 10 under $10, really!) and Blue Bottle coffee. Trying to drink much more water plus a juice here and there.

reading // I finally enjoyed a whole weekend with zero plans, which meant catching up on the stack of magazines on my desk. On the Kindle: Stephen King's On Writing and Robert Galbraith's The Silkworm.

wanting // To figure out the next phase of my career/calling.

looking // At all the pretty holiday stuff in Real Simple. So many jewel tones! And centerpieces! And dresses for parties that aren't on my calendar!

playing // With a laser pointer because Stanley and Stella love it, and it's hilarious to watch them.

sewing // Nothing. I have no clue how to sew. But I did start knitting tonight to finish the scarf I started ... last year. Thank goodness for teenage bloggers who share all their how-to's on YouTube, amiright? Because I could not remember knits and pearls for the life of me.

wishing // For time to slow down.

enjoying // Every moment as much as possible. And the people in my life.

waiting // To be sure about a few things.

liking // Sundays at home with no plans, curled up on the couch with sleepy pets, all my shows and things to read. Sundays that involve napping and no exercise. So, today.

wondering // What to get loved ones for Christmas.

loving // Cold weather and bundling up in sweaters and scarves and boots.

hoping // To finish paying off my credit card ENTIRELY this month (!!!!).

marveling // At the beauty and selflessness of other human beings in the face of difficulty or loss.

needing // Hugs from my mama and daddy. Can't wait to see family over these next two months.

smelling // A new orange clove candle and fresh autumn flowers.

wearing // Um, ratty black Victoria's Secret leggings that have holes in the knees but are oh-so-soft, slippers, a blue tank top and a navy thrifted cable-knit Marni sweater.

following // The mid-term elections, and the potential repercussions in each state based on the results.

noticing // My breath.

knowing // That I'm right where I'm supposed to be, for now.

thinking // About writing and abortion rights.

feeling // Really, really tired.

bookmarking // This amazing highlight of a valuable program at my former church in Chicago. 

opening // Too many tabs.

giggling // At the pets and their funny antics. On the phone with my best friend earlier this afternoon.