Weekend Reads

In the summer, I try to take advantage of beautiful weather and downtime as much as possible -- and while I love blogging and reading online, I do also try to decrease my screen time during these special months. I'm no different than any other Midwesterner who waits all year for warm sunshine, so I've wanted to enjoy it to the max. And since it's August (geez, already!), I already find myself in back-to-school mode, getting ready for a new season of life. I've spent the past few weeks re-thinking my approach to writing, blogging, reading and well, my choices in general, to make sure that I'm prioritizing what's most important and fulfilling to me. Stay tuned for a multitude of book reviews, some new blogging endeavors and more personal content going forward.

Enjoy this lovely Sunday, and these great links:

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Listen to this song and try not to dance happily.