Weekend Reads

It's April, and the weather is finally getting nicer! Here's the usual mix of think pieces, quotes and articles that have been on my radar lately: Does it matter if the rich getting richer, so long as you get your bonus?

Some tips on negotiating as a female.

Why too expensive often means "it's just not worth it." Also, check out Godin's seminars on Skillshare -- I just took one of his marketing ones and it was excellent.

On cultivating insight.

Gorgeous churches revived as libraries.

Chill out about the Kim Kardashian Vogue cover. (And I hope you weren't actually all worked up about it.)

Instead, learn about these truly cool women.

Figure out how your creative work serves the world.

23 good times to say no. #23 made me laugh out loud, it's so true.

Ladies, please just starting liking your bodies already.