Weekly New Thing: Prenatal Yoga

We've all heard the phrase "Do one thing every day that scares you." Is it just me, or does that seem like a lot for one day? 

So I decided to change it up a little bit, and instead try to experience one new thing a week instead. Maybe the new thing will turn into a habit; maybe I'll never do it again. The point is to get out of my own routines a little more frequently and see what happens. If you want to join me, follow along online on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #weeklynewthing. 

On tap for this week? A prenatal yoga class at a local studio.

Originally, I thought this wouldn't be too hard. I love yoga! I practice yoga. I teach yoga. I'm always telling students to try new things and explore different studios and instructors in our community. 

I signed up online for class a week in advance, selecting a night where I had literally nothing else going on.

And then the day came and I thought of, oh, maybe one hundred excuses as to why I could no longer attend.

It's raining out.

I don't feel like it.

I won't know anybody there.

I can just reschedule for next week.

I need to watch The Voice from yesterday.

I think I feel a tickle in my throat; what if I'm getting sick?

Maybe I'll go to my normal studio instead.

I'm cold.

Class is 75 minutes long? That's too long.

Maybe I'm not pregnant enough for prenatal yoga yet. 

What if nobody shows up and I'm the only student there? That's so awkward.

What if I don't like the teacher?

She said the first class is complimentary, but what if it's not and I have to pay and then I don't like the class? 

I'm hungry.

Maybe it's too late for prenatal yoga; maybe you're supposed to start like, right when you find out you're pregnant.

It's going to be too gentle.

It'll probably be weird and woo-woo touchy-feely.

(Guys, I'm GOOD at excuse-making when I wanna be.)

Basically, I forgot how hard it is to be brand new to a place. IT'S REALLY HARD and ugh-inducing. I've gotten comfortable in this town, in certain ways, which means that I know my favorite spots for food, coffee, drinks, yoga, and more, and there's not a ton of motivation to move outside of that zone. 

I made myself go to class, excuses and all. And it turned out to be really wonderful -- go figure. I learned several things I didn't know already about the body and pregnancy and movement. We did some breath work that I hadn't experienced before. The other four women were perfectly friendly and at various stages of their pregnancy. The class itself ended up being an excellent blend of education, physical practice, and meditation. Especially the last part: I actually meditated for maybe the first time in my entire life. Weird and cool.

I did have some moments of feeling nervous and anxious and self-conscious but guess what? They passed. As usual, I remembered that other people are not actually thinking about you as much as you think they are. I left feeling lighter and lifted, and I'm so glad I tried it out.

P.S. The Instagram photo above is how I feel 24/7 about everything.