what to do when you're annoyed with yourself {9/100}

Today wasn't a bad day, but annoyance leaked out of my heart all over the place.

9 - 100 day project.jpg

Mostly with myself: for messing up that one email, for failing to follow up, for not knowing the answers, for feeling overwhelmed, for forgetting the little steps of normal chores, for being behind on deadlines, for having a headache for no damn reason.

And that's when I put myself to bed early with a beloved book, Anna Karenina. Needed to get lost in somebody else's journey and follow the swoop and spin of Tolstoy's words. I remember reading this novel six or seven years ago, and feeling all the feels at certain lines.

Nothing's changed. A good story is medicine to the spirit; it reminds you there's more than you, better than you, but also that you're just like everyone else. And it's gonna be okay.