Yoga Training: Week 5

Number of times I practiced: 5 Number of times I wanted to practice: 5

Ah ha! The desire and the outcome finally match up. I wondered when I would start to want to practice as much as I was choosing to practice, instead of feeling like I "had to."

On Sunday, I wanted to attend Justin's guest class since he's not in town that often. I knew what I was getting myself into--great music (new Avett Brothers, woo!), many chaturangas, and no mercy--and I was right. At one point, I exchanged a glance with a teacher trainee to my left and we literally both started laughing because we were covered with sweat, physically shaking, but had giant grins of joy on our faces. Afterwards, a group of us went down to the IMT Des Moines Marathon to cheer on runners, which was wonderfully inspiring, followed by some casual Sunday fun at El Bait Shop.

Monday and Tuesday, I made it to two evening classes. We spent most of Tuesday night practice teaching in pairs again, and then giving and receiving feedback. My areas of improvement are voice projection and concise cueing, so not surprising at all! One of my introverted qualities is that I speak in a naturally lower, softer voice; I can't tell you how many times friends and family members have asked me to repeat something, and then I do, and then they say, "No, I mean actually say it louder because I can't hear you." Sometimes it's frustrating, but it's an important thing to work on. Even if I feel confident, my soft voice sometimes suggest the opposite, so I've learned that if I feel like I'm shouting, it likely means I'm just being heard clearly on the other end. As for concise cueing, well, I'm a long winded writer who takes after her father in telling non Reader's Digest versions of stories. I always want to provide all the information, so in yoga, it doesn't surprise me that I keep veering toward lengthy explanations instead of just keeping it short and sweet and direct.

Wednesday, I attended another evening class, and Thursday morning, I went to my first 5:45 a.m. class downtown. Getting up at 5:30 a.m. sucks but I'm always reminded how awesome it feels to have your workout done before the sun comes up. Sara, the instructor, was so sweet and motivating, and I'll definitely try to attend her morning classes more often because it really started my day on a great note. I spent Thursday and Friday at a work conference out of town (but did do some handstands and headstands in my hotel room), and then traveled over the weekend visiting family.

Halfway through! Also, this piece on the emotional roller coaster of yoga class cracked me up.