Yoga Training: Weeks 6, 7 and 8

Number of times I practiced: I lost count. Number of times I wanted to practice: 50% of the time. Per usual.


The past few weeks have flown by! It's hard to believe that there are only two weeks remaining for teacher training, and while I look forward to having a bit more free time in December, I also am sad to not see my new yogi friends multiple times a week and challenge my body on a daily basis.

Recent highlights include:

  • getting to know my co-teachers even better (and developing some great friendships)
  • learning the beginner flow inside and out as well as how to add theming and music to a class
  • learning how to make adjustments and assists to help students move through poses safely and more deeply
  • participating in a kickass inversion class this past weekend, taught by Nick Wilder -- handstands, headstands, crow and side crow galore, plus so many tiny tips and tricks to work toward different variations of each post
  • teaching my sister and her boyfriend a beginner class at their apartment

Most of all, this next Saturday, my small group is teaching a beginner class at the studio! I'm so excited, and really look forward to growing from that experience in order to share my teaching ability with others so that they can benefit from yoga.

Back to enjoying Sunday before a crazy week!