Blogtember: How Blogging Changed Me

Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you. Much like the rest of my demographic, my foray into social media began with Facebook freshman year of college and stayed rather consistent. I liked sharing and seeing photos, leaving and receiving witty messages from friends and family, and basically using it as a tool for connection or distraction depending on the day. I mostly stayed in that realm until post-college life (which is when a lot of social media platforms became much more mainstream, I suppose), and now, I still use Facebook, but I mostly tweet, instagram and pin much more than I use Facebook. I think social media is fantastic and overwhelming, all at the same time; there's a great deal of noise and mess, but all kinds of gems if you look hard enough.

Blogging changed me much more than social media, and it's only been a couple of months. Like I've written before, I was really hesitant to blog. It seemed too public, and as a naturally private person, generally made me feel uncomfortable--except I seriously loved reading other people's blogs, I wanted a space of my own to write, and I admired the potential for support and connection within various blogging communities. But once I finally started, I realized blogging fell into that category of "Things That Seem Scary But Are Actually Awesome." Know what I mean? Writing always feels a bit challenging at first, and it's certainly hard to keep up a routine alongside other life obligations, but the results provide a massive, positive benefit for me on a personal level. It's like working out: I don't want to do it 75% of the time, but I do always want the physical and emotional rewards of having worked out. Blogging is the same way. I'll think, I have nothing to say, and come to this space realizing that I do.

Blogging also, perhaps more importantly, opened me up a bit. Again, I can be rather reserved, and writing often feels so very personal. Blogging forces me to put myself out there a little. Truly, every time I read a blog post where the author shares something real about their life or experience or whatnot, I feel a rush of gratitude. I think, Thank you for sharing, and, Maybe I could dig deeper too.