Friday Favorites

1. What kind of procrastinator are you? field_guide_to_procrastinators_20pxTOO funny. I am the cleaner, list-maker, sidetracker and snacker. And probably all of the above at one point or another. Which type are you?

2. Boom Brands of 2013


Oh, Grumpy Cat. Your grumpiness makes me so happy. I learned a lot from this quick peek into boom brands of 2013, such as Tumblr, Chobani, and One Kings Lane.

3. Live Lit in Chicago


Apparently there is a growing live-lit scene in Chicago. I actually don't know much about this type of performance art (is it even considered that?) but it sounds pretty neat. And intimidating. I tend to labor over writing stories and so it could be both scary and freeing to simply show up, stand up and speak without much preparation. I think I'd have to go to this sort of Story Club event to fully understand what happens. So if you're in Chicago and interested in literature, try to check it out and report back!

4. Reading for Better Social Skills

A recent study claims that reading fiction improves one's capacity for empathy because of the imagination required. This makes a lot of sense--great fiction involves deep, complex character development. Even if you absolutely hate the protagonist, or find another character annoying/dull/exciting/whatever, you are receiving and interpreting one version of reality from one fictional person's perspective. That certainly broadens your mind.

5. A Local Interview

Shameless plug: I was interviewed for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network here in Des Moines. Enjoy learning a bit more about me!