Friday Favorites

1. iTunes Radio v. Pandora and others iTunes Radio

If you're an iPhone lover, I'm sure you've updated to iOS 7 by now, but have you explored iTunes Radio--and if so, what do you think? I sort of forgot that it was a major new feature of this update.  I recently converted from Pandora to Spotify, and I think this breakdown in PC Mag nicely explains the pros and cons of iTunes Radio in comparison to such services. Like Wilson says, I think iTunes Radio is very accessible and easy to use, with some fun perks like the Guest DJ sections, but it's nothing new. That being said, it still has the ability to become the most used streaming music service simply due to Apple's hold on the market and enthusiastic fanbase.

Also, the new iOS 7 in general makes me feel like I'm tripping out every time I touch an app. So colorful!

2. People Remember "Nice"

nice is the new black

Peter Shankman claims that "nice companies make 30 to 40 percent more than not nice companies . . . being nice can and will set you apart from your competition. That's why your personal reputation with your social network, both online and off, really, really matters." This seems obvious, as well as the rest of the tips included in the piece, but serves as a good reminder that people remember how you make them feel more frequently than what you do for them.

3. Abandoned Places


Above is a photo of the now defunct Michigan Central Station, built in 1913 as a transportation hub, but closed in 1988 due to oversight. The full link includes 30 other places throughout the U.S. and the world that have been abandoned. Kind of crazy to think about all the physical things humans build, and how they decline over the years because they can't last forever; I'm particularly fascinated with old ruins and places like Pompeii, so I thought this photo collection was really cool.