Weekend Reads

This weekend, for me, is ideally full of writing projects, yoga, outdoor time so long as the weather permits, church and catching up with friends. And maybe a new bike! (Can someone explain why bikes -- like normal, ride-around-town bikes -- are so grossly expensive?!) Happy Friday! Great links include:

Why body hatred is ... boring.

"The protesters say they're opposed to abortion because they're Christian . . . . It's hard for them to accept that I do abortions because I'm a Christian." -- Check out Dr. Willie Parker's thought-provoking Esquire interview.

9 hilarious rules for yoga teachers.

Grace Bonney's lessons for building an empire.

Cheerio commercials keep getting better and better. Way to go, Dad.

Survey results about why residents love and hate their cities.

Why you should read The Circle.

Pretty sure I felt this way about all my favorite songs when I was age 8-14. Ha.

84 years of volunteer weather reporting?!

Loving this groovy song lately, but more importantly, can this video be turned into a real movie? Dianna Agron and Chris Messina make heartbreak and cheating look so good.

And on that note, the importance of kindness and generosity for the longevity of our relationships.